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Opportunities and Challenges of Solar roofing from Tesla in Quad Cities
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Quad Cities

Quad Cities is a region in North Western Illinois and South Eastern Iowa. Unique location joining the two great states and abundant natural resources make Quad Cities a great place for living, investment, and business. Quad Cities is primarily referred to the four cities Rock Island (IL), Moline (IL), Bettendorf (IA), and Davenport (IA). Practically, Quad Cities also comprises surrounding cities such as East Moline, Silvis, Coal Valley, Dewitt, Pleasant Valley, Galesburg, Geneseo, Clinton, Muscatine, Eldridge, and so on. All the surrounding counties of Quad Cities make the area a booming business hub!

Quad Cities



Quad Cities region is located on the banks of Mississippi river in Iowa and Illinois. The area is close to several interstate highways and state routes. Quad Cities are in the middle of Chicago in Illinois and Des Moines in Iowa. QC has access to waterways, roadways, and railways making it ideal for business.



Quad Cities has headquarters of Fortune 500 companies and manufacturing centers. Manufacturers establish locations in the region due to the abundant infrastructure and labor. Many tax incentives and TIFs provide opportunities for business in Quad Cities.



Quad Cities provide ample opportunities for education and entertainment. The friendly Midwestern approach and trendy innovative culture are an asset to QC Lifestyle. Quad Cities host annual events promoting tourism and river activities. Music, arts, and culture are a part of Quad City residents and they are always seeking ways to innovate and improve.

Tesla Solar renewable energy roofing solutions in Quad Cities
Quad Cities Tesla Solar

Tesla Solar


Source: Tesla

Tesla, led by Elon Musk, is the largest manufacturer of electric vehicles and energy storage solutions. They are also investing in space research and planning to sent unmanned space vehicles to Mars. Tesla Solar is the latest venture from Tesla to combine renewable energy generation and energy storage at individual level. In partnership with Solar City, Tesla is offering solar roofing for energy generation right on the roof!

Tesla Roofing is possible by installing the solar glass tiles on a roof and wiring the solar tiles to generate electricity. The generated electricity is connected to the Powerwall, a device to convert the energy from one form to other and store the energy. By connecting the Powerwall to the rest of the electrical appliances in the house, an individual can power the property without the hefty electric bill. The electricity from the Powerwall also can be used to charge the electric vehicles owned by an individual.

Tesla solar glass tiles installation can be customized according to your energy requirements. The glass tiles are tested and rated for Class 4 hail resistance, Class A fire resistance, Class F for high wind resistance, and the glass coating is tested for ASTM and European standards.

Roof Calculator by Tesla lets you check the pricing of the solar tiles installation based on your property requirements. You can chose the combination of non-solar tiles and solar tiles to adjust the energy production on your roof. All Tesla installations are by Solar City contractors. For now, the smooth and textured tiles can be ordered. Current markets are limited to the far east and far west states in the US. Tesla pans to expand the markets in future.

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Tesla Solar requires heavy investment around $75, 000 for an average property. The investment is much more than traditional roofing and solar panel installation. However, for long term benefits and reducing carbon foot prints by fossil fuels, Tesla Solar is a creative method.

Solar Roofing in Quad Cities from Tesla
Tesla Solar Roofing in QC


QC Tesla Opportunities

Roofing and home improvement are constant opportunities in the Quad Cities. Temporary and permanent residents are making QC their primary residence. Multiple residential and commercial constructions are on the rise in QC. Quad Cities are looking out for renewable energy sources to meet their energy demands. Quad Cities already have wind mills in place for energy generation such as Rockfalls Roofing. Tesla Solar might be the possible solution in Quad Cities owing to the large number of residential and commercial roofs in the area.

QC Tesla is a good combination because the residents are seeking latest methods to improve their properties. The solar glass tiles from Tesla have superior performance compared to the traditional shingles. In addition, they have inbuilt solar cells that convert the sun's energy to electric energy. The solar tiles are preferred to the solar panels because they are not as bulky as the solar panels. The solar cells are not visible for a person on the street but are exposed from above to access direct sunlight. This helps in providing a beautiful curb appeal to Quad City properties and also results in renewable energy generation.

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QC Tesla also might be an opportunity for property owners to get energy rebates from the respective counties. By installing the Tesla Solar, Quad cities are reducing the carbon emissions and reducing the dependency on fossil fuels. QC Tesla is a good opportunity for the large number of manufacturing centers in the area that can benefit from the investment.

Tesla Solar renewable roofing solutions in Quad Cities
Tesla Solar in QC


QC Tesla Challenges

QC Tesla is primarily dependent on the sun's energy. Due to the cold winters and thunderstorms in the area, Quad Cities is less likely to see sun rays that can generate the solar energy. If the solar tiles do not receive enough sunlight, they are unable to generate power. Also, during winter, the roofs are covered with several inches of snow, which in turn gives less sun's access to the solar tiles.

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QC Tesla also might be a problem for average home owner due to the heavy investment. In case of a roof repair or roof replacement, property owners must check with their home insurance if the solar roofs are covered. Due to the frequent thunderstorms in the Quad Cities, the solar tiles may fall off the roof that will disconnect the electrical wiring. The dependency on the electrician to install or repair the QC Tesla roofs is also a big roadblock.

QC Tesla might be possible if the entire community decide to install Tesla Solar so every property can contribute and leverage electricity from the grid. The solar tiles are bought directly from Tesla and their distributors. QC Tesla is possible if a distributor is willing to ship the solar tiles to the region. Then, the solar installer, roofer, and electrician must coordinate with the property owner. The installation must be as per the manufacturer and local building codes in order for any warranty to be applicable. Tesla solar tiles are tested for high wind resistance and high impact resistance. But, the performance may be unpredictable in the Quad Cities due to the cold weather, extreme moisture, and high humidity due to the Mississippi river.

Solar Roofing in Quad Cities from Tesla
Tesla QC

Olde Town Group

Olde Town Group

Property owners must be cautious in selecting a contractor for a premium project such as QC Tesla. Olde Town Group is the leading contractor in the Quad Cities who can work on the QC Tesla. They are well versed with different manufacturers and product installations. Olde Town Group has head quarters in Moline and operate in and around 200 miles of Quad Cities. They are aware of the challenges in the area and work with their local connections to serve QC Tesla better.

Olde Town Roofing

Olde Town Roofing is their roofing division who are familiar with solar installations and can take up large scale contracts to complete in timely manner. They have many electricians, roofers, and home improvement specialists who can accomplish a task as per the quality standards. QC Tesla is possible with experienced an skilled contractors such as Olde Town Group. If a problem arises, they can work with the manufacturer, distributor, and insurance agents to provide best possible solution to the property owner.

Olde Town Group Certified

Olde Town Roofing is a certified Shield Pro Plus contractor from IKO and SELECT Shingle Master from CertainTeed. Other products installed include CertainTeed, IB Roof Systems, Tyvek, Trex decking, Zip System, Andersen windows, and so on. They can install any product you choose with top quality and service. Olde Town Group can take up innovative and challenging jobs to create beautiful work. Sean Vogler owns Olde Town Group and he has several years of management and business expertise. Call Olde Town Group at 3097385550 or 3095171676 for more information about QC Tesla.